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Flip, Build, Develop, Manage, and Wholesale Residential Property in the most expensive Residential Marketplace in the world, where the highest paid salary is of existence.

The Legacy of Bridge Capital Investment Group Traces back to over 100 years of dealing with real estate property. Ranging from building over 20,000 homes with capital partners, to a family heritage named after a province in a country overseas: By the name of Afghanistan. That province is the Helmand province. Where there is over 1,000 acres’ Where the family name and heritage of the founder of BCIG was established- The Helmand Province. Custom brick homes, acres of agriculture, building from the ground up, building homes of all styles, paying cash for them, with 0 debt, where debt is just about illegal, yes! It has run through our veins for centuries.

As real estate runs in the family, Frank Helmand has single handedly funded over 1 billion in career loan funding’s, being an expert in funding for real estate, his passion grew over the years, to flip property, and eventually become the most speculated developer, at the youngest to do it.

The expertise and focus lies behind all types of property from your 1,000 sf condo to 132,000 sf spec home in the hills of Silicon Valley, where your who’s who of the world currently reside.

Ground up construction or lips tip on a pig, we have made residential property our craft. Having access to finishes made around the globe. We take pride in delivering the most unique, most profitable projects, we are ambitious about delivering a unique product to the end buyer and to our fund partners.

The deals are made by Frank Helmand and crafted in a dynamic process, where we can look at any project and promptly determine if it is a project that we should embrace and make our own, or let someone else make it there.

Setting the standard in flipping, building, and entitling residential property, with over 480 homes in northern California region.

We aspire to continue to grow our footprint in all facets of real estate property.